A Multitude of Uses

Who and What Can Barrier Balm Treat?

If you’ve followed our journey thus far, you know that Barrier Balm, previously known as Hiney Healer, is well-accredited for treating diaper rash ailments in babies. Barrier Balm has upgraded our name and formula, to reflect the fact that we can treat so much more than babies’ bums.

Over time, we quickly realized that we are not just selling diaper rash ointment. Our formula works hard to treat skin issues ranging from diaper rash to chapped skin, issues caused by cold weather and wind, and almost any rash related ailment in between.

We started our formula with babies in mind, focusing on a quality and low-priced diaper rash solution. With the spread of popularity of our product, and of available skin abnormalities, we quickly learned that our formula does more than just treat diaper rash. It can treat a variety of skin conditions, especially for infants. There are many different areas our product can assist in helping ease the prognosis:

  • Erythema Toxicum

  • Dry Skin

  • Salmon Patches

  • Congenital Melanocytosis

  • Cradle Cap

  • Infant Eczema

  • Impetigo

  • Heat Rash

  • Sunburn

  • Diaper Rash

  • Many more not listed

Beyond Babies

Movers and shakers of all ages can now enjoy the soothing relief of Dr. Boldt's Barrier Balm! For example...

Graphic illustrating the effectiveness of Barrier Balm for Atheletes

Athletes of All Ages

For starters, those that spend most of their time being hard on their body to train to be the best they can be… Athletes. Combatting skin issues daily from indoor and outdoor activities becomes an everyday habit for athletes. There are many different areas and causes to induce various types of infections that can be noted.

Most athletes don’t have a clear sports career without a skin condition. To achieve the goal of clear and non-irritated skin, athletes all around have turned to Barrier Balm.

Illustrative banner to highlight the effectiveness of Barrier Balm in the healthcare industry

Skin Conditions Taken to The Doctor’s Office

Our daily habits and trends can be a big indicator of what skin conditions we may develop. We can spend years wasting countless dollars down the drain to receive mediocre results. This is where Barrier Balm, previously Hiney Healer, comes in.

From infantry to the end of life, this cream can create a lasting effect that others spend years searching for. Trusted by nurses and doctors, this ground-breaking ointment is more than just a diaper rash solution. It is your next skin care routine and prevention plan.

Image of a smiling baby with the quote "Treating Rears for over 30 years!"

We Didn't Forget About You, Baby!

You Guessed It… Babies

While diaper rash is a commonly treated skin irritation of babies, we quickly learned that this is not entirely it when it comes to babies and their sensitive skin. Our advanced formula helps contribute to your wanted ‘worry-free attitude. It can treat a variety of skin conditions, especially for infants.

There are many different areas our product can assist in easing the prognosis. Lucky for you, our product does the trick, and quickly, too.

Dr. Boldt's Barrier Balm is Made for You

Barrier Balm is made for you, by people who have experienced your issues first hand and understand the wonderful feeling of fast relief. Dr. Boldt once told us that many patients turned loyal customers continued to use the advanced skin relief cream year-round as a preventative solution.

We want you to be comfortable, happy, and skin-care defect-free. The only way to accomplish this? With an affordable and trusted skin ointment.

You, your little one, your friend, whoever deserves to have non-irritated skin.

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