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A History of Healing Hineys

Looking for a powerful diaper rash ointment or cream solution for your newborn baby or toddler? You've found it!

As a mother or father, only you know the best way to treat and comfort your baby. Barrier Balm (previously Hiney Healer) was originally formulated by Pediatrician Dr. Donald Boldt after he decided that nothing on the market helped soothe and heal diaper rash to his standards. The resulting formulation was sold globally to relieved parents for soothing sore bottoms! Parents couldn't sing praises enough as success stories continued to roll in!

We may have changed our name, but the core sentiment and intentions behind Dr. Boldt's original formula are still strongly intact. We believe soothing relief shouldn't cost more, should effectively heal, and soothe skin quickly.

Graphic with a testimonal stating that Dr. Boldt's Barrier Balm beats the competition.Decide with Confidence

“Do I let time take its course, purchase high-end (expensive) diaper rash products, or do I take my baby to the doctor to get a prescription cream?”

For most, the answer comes down to how patient you are. Like most parents, you want a solution for your newborn, baby, or toddler right away. Lucky for you, our product does the trick and can help to prevent future issues. Our formula was created to combat the worst diaper rash cases that most expensive creams can't handle. With a pleasant scent and easy to spread concoction, babies will be left fuss and rash-free.

Please note, it is always recommended to speak with a physician with any questions or concerns you may have regarding the baby’s health and skin before starting a new treatment.

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