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A History of Healing Hineys

Looking for a powerful diaper rash ointment or diaper rash cream solution for your newborn baby or toddler? You've found it! Barrier Balm (previously Hiney Healer) was originally formulated by Pediatrician Dr. Donald Boldt after he decided that nothing on the market helped soothe and heal diaper rash (diaper dermatitis) to his standards. The resulting diaper rash treatment formulation was sold globally to relieved parents for soothing sore bottoms.

We may have changed our name, but the core sentiment and intentions behind Dr. Boldt's original formula are still strongly intact. We believe soothing relief shouldn't cost more, should effectively heal, and soothe skin quickly. We set out to not only make the best diaper rash cream to get rid of baby butt rashes but also to make a cream for diaper rash that did more. Barrier Balm provides a variety of benefits that set it apart from every other diaper rash product on the market!

What Makes Barrier Balm Different From Other Diaper Rash Creams?

Treats AND Prevents

While many diaper rash creams can help treat skin irritation, Barrier Balm treats and prevents diaper rash and other skin irritations. By forming a soothing, moisturizing skin barrier, Barrier Balm locks out moisture, germs, and other irritants from your baby's skin. Our powerful skin protectant can not only help get rid of even the most severe diaper rash for good, but it’s also a great multi-use skincare product for the whole family!

Skin Treatment For The Whole FamilyBarrier Balm diaper rash cream

Skincare For Moms

Barrier Balm is the ultimate skin cream for moms. Not only can it treat bad diaper rash, but it can also benefit moms in a variety of ways. Barrier Balm is ideal for:

  • Soothing chafed nipples from breastfeeding 
  • Moisturizing dry skin anywhere on the body 
  • Protecting skin from wind chafing, cold weather, and other factors that cause dry skin
  • Treating skin conditions 
    • Common skin conditions, such as Rosacea and Eczema, often cause itchy, irritated skin patches. Barrier Balm can help offer relief from these conditions as well as stop them from getting worse.

Skincare For Kids

Barrier Balm isn't only a great baby skin balm, it's a great skincare product for kids of all ages! Barrier Balm kids skin care is ideal for:

  • Providing rash relief (poison ivy, Eczema, allergies, etc.)
  • Preventing infection when used on cuts and scrapes to block out irritants and bacteria while promoting healing 
  • Moisturizing kids’ dry skin with long-lasting, deep-penetrating moisture 
  • Helping prevent and treat chaffing, blisters, and skin irritation while being active

Skincare For Athletes

Whether your kids play competitive sports or just love to stay active as a family, there are a variety of concerns you’ve likely run into. Many athletes, no matter their sport or age, experience: 

  • Athlete’s foot
  • Chafing
  • Wind rash
  • Blisters
  • Dry skin
  • And so much more

Barrier Balm can provide effective, fast-acting relief from these common skin conditions. It is also great to put on your kids before sports and activities to prevent these conditions from developing. 

Better Ingredients

Diaper rash relief doesn't come from pretty colors, delicious smells, or extensive ingredient lists. Safe, effective rash treatment comes from only the necessary amount of ingredients. Barrier Balm contains two simple and safe ingredients; zinc oxide and lanolin. Unlike many other ointments for rashes, Barrier Balm is fragrance-free, paraben free, and free from other harmful and unnatural filler ingredients.

See What Real Parents Have to Say About Barrier Balm!

“Best diaper cream!! We’ve tried everything from triple paste, Burt’s Bees, Boudreaux’s, and Destin… highly recommend this product. You will notice a drastic improvement after one use!” - Tanya S. 

"I have tried everything from the cheap stuff to other premium creams and prescribed products. None of them worked half as good with sensitive skin.  This cream turned bright red rashes into afterthoughts within 24 hours when others made no impact.  It also has a mild, clean scent that compares favorably." - Jonathan L. 

"Our pharmacist recommended Barrier Balm (Previously Hiney Healer) to us and at the same time we picked up prescription diaper cream for her rash. Needless to say, we didn't need the prescription cream at all. Great Product!" - Shad M. 

Try The Best Diaper Rash Cream For Yourself

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