How Athletes Use Barrier Balm

Graphic of a cyclist with the text "Train for the ride, not the pain" to illustrate that Barrier Balm works for cyclists and athletes.

Healing Beyond Baby Hineys

When we were initially labeling ourselves as ‘Hiney Healer’, our clients came from those who were looking for diaper rash creams and baby ointments. As time progressed and consumers became more familiar with our product, we soon realized that we are not just selling diaper rash ointments. Our formula works hard to treat skin issues ranging from diaper rash to chapped skin, issues caused by cold weather and wind, and almost any skin infection in between.

With the spread of available uses for our treatment, athletes became one of our top priorities. Athletes all over the world combat skin issues daily from indoor and outdoor activities. There are many different areas and causes to induce various types of infections :

  • Excess sun exposure causing aggravated skin

  • Friction induced blisters caused by shoes, clothes, and other sports gear

  • Rubbing of gear and clothing producing acne

  • In-person locker room contact spreading fungus infections like Athlete’s Foot

  • Skin abrasions or cuts due to harsh contact with turf, courts, and more

  • Overuse of equipment causing dry feet, jock itch, and irritated skin

Whatever the reason may be, not a lot of athletes have a clear or uneventful sports career without a fight with a skin condition. You want to work hard to get to the level you can be, and you want to get there from a pain-free and clean path. To achieve this goal, and to reduce the amount of money spent on medications and doctor’s visits that may not help, athletes all around have turned to Barrier Balm.

The Best Part?

You are not required to only use the formula when experiencing the issues that brought you in, in the first place. Many patients turned loyal customers use the advanced cream year-round as a preventative solution, aimed to keep the ailments away or at a less aggressive level.

No Restrictions

There are a never-ending amount of athletes in this world. From volleyball players used to diving on the ground to cyclists who spend days in the sun and with skin-irritating spandex, long-distance runners numbed by the pain of blisters, basketball players who have battled Athlete’s Foot one too many times, and those in between, pain shouldn’t have to come with the love of the game.

No matter what sport you come from, Barrier Balm is not limited to that area of activity. Perfect for all-season athletes, or those who want to use the solution for other skin ailments during the year.

How often the product is used is up to the patient, but how your skin feels should not be. The solution is not available anywhere else, comes at an affordable price, and can be used at all times of the year. Rid yourselves from expensive and mediocre products and bring in clear, satisfying skin.

Ready to train for the ride without the pain?

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