Who is Dr. Boldt?

Image of Dr. Boldt, Barrier Balm creator, circa December 1958, provided by his nephew.We know what you are thinking: "Who is this Iowa doctor that has created such a powerful cream?" The thought came to our mind, too! This is why we asked Dr. Donald Boldt to tell us a little more about himself and the unique formula that treats more than just diaper rash.

About Dr. Boldt

"I retired a few years ago from my medical practice in Ackley, Iowa after 35 years to move to Blue Grass, IA to live closer to my grandchildren. I am now a physician in an urgent care center in Muscatine, Iowa. 


In February of 2010, I went on a medical mission to Guatemala with a church group, in a way, partially satisfying the reason for my reason for going into the medical field in the first place.  I continue to see young children in Muscatine and hope to make the Barrier Balm (Previously Hiney Healer) more available to all children that have diaper rashes.


It has been exciting to me to find out that there are other applications for Barrier Balm (Previously Hiney Healer) than that of treating diaper rashes. That preparation is superior in its ability to soothe skin rashes as well as to serve as a barrier to exposure to uncontrolled moisture."

-Dr. Donald Boldt

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