We're Back! Hiney Healer is now Dr. Boldt's Barrier Balm!

Posted on May 3, 2021 at 12:00 PM by Tom Swegle

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The Wait is Finally Over!

For decades, parents, grandparents, and caregivers alike have trusted Hiney Healer to soothe their baby's bums, until one day, the unthinkable happened.

Poof! Hiney Healer was gone.

People all around the world wondered, was this the end of an era of healing nasty rashes? Where did Hiney Healer go? When was it coming back? Was there no hope?!

People of the world, rejoice! For Hiney Healer has returned, now with an improved and advanced formulation and... a new name? We know you must have lots of questions, and we're happy to answer all of them!

Introducing Barrier Balm!

Our loyal fans have waited patiently, asked when we would return, and begged for updates. Wait no more, Dr. Boldt is proud to present the new and improved formulation, Barrier Balm!

Where Have You Been?Image of Dr. Donald Boldt, creator of Hiney Healer (now Barrier Balm),  with his infant nephew. Circa December, 1958

This is a common question and deserves a good answer. We've been in the labs. Our primary concern is healing rash irritated skin and we wanted to provide the very best product possible. Hiney Healer was great and did a fantastic job, but our loyal customers deserved better.

 In a world filled with products that claimed to soothe, we were adamant that nothing but the best would suffice. After about two years of testing, reformulating, and testing some more, our team is excited to introduce our multi-purpose, advanced healing, formula!

What's the Difference Between Hiney Healer and Barrier Balm?

At its very core, Barrier Balm takes the same ingredients that made Hiney Healer so powerful and improved them. Reformulated and optimized for superior skin protection of all skin types, Barrier Balm provides the soothing relief and advanced healing that you need when you need it most. Our new formula provides instant relief and faster healing for a wide range of ages, not just babies!

What are the Benefits of Dr. Boldt's Hiney Healer (Compared to Other Brands)? 

Dr. Boldt started as a pediatrician. Seeing nothing on the market that soothed rashed rears to his standards, he created Hiney Healer. Holding to those same high-quality standards, Dr. Bold'ts Barrier Balm now offers the following fantastic advantages:

  • Instantly relieves irritated skin

  • Prevents and treats diaper rash 

  • Smooth easy application

  • Ideal for soothing cracked or chafed skin

  • Relieves and protects chapped lips

  • Soothes and relieves minor skin irritations and rash discomfort

  • Seals out wetness for protected healing

  • Even helps prevent and protect from the drying effects of wind and cold weather!

"I received this from my mother-in-law, Janet as part of a baby gift for my son. She actually got it because she knew Dr. Boldt had been my pediatrician, turns out it is the BEST baby gift I received! This stuff amazingly clears up diaper rash overnight. Thank you Dr. Boldt!!!"


- Lacy K. - Chattanooga, TN

Why "Barrier Balm?"

When we were initially labeling ourselves as ‘Hiney Healer’, our clients came from those who were looking for diaper rash creams and baby ointments. As time progressed and consumers became more familiar with our product, we soon realized that we are not just selling diaper rash ointments. Our formula works hard to treat skin issues ranging from diaper rash to chapped skin, issues caused by cold weather and wind, and almost any skin irritation issues in between! "Barrier Balm" says it all!

New Formula, a Multitude of New Uses!

Dr. Boldt's Barrier Balm isn't only for sore baby bottoms anymore! Barrier Balm is made for you, by people who have experienced your issues first hand. Forget expensive trips to the doctor for prescription medications! Barrier Balm is perfect any time and often provides better results than prescriptions at far less cost! Many patients turned loyal customers use the advanced skin relief cream year-round as a preventative solution and skincare routine aimed to keep the ailments away! 

We want you to be comfortable, happy, and skin-care defect-free. The only way to accomplish this? With an affordable and trusted skin ointment. The new advanced formula means it provides a multitude of uses including being great for Athletes who experience heat rash and in a variety of Healthcare environments!

How Dr. Boldt's Barrier Balm Helps Athletes

With the spread of available uses for our treatment, athletes became one of our top priorities. Athletes all over the world combat skin issues daily from indoor and outdoor activities. There are many different areas and causes to induce various types of infections :

  • Excess sun exposure causing aggravated skin

  • Friction induced blisters caused by shoes, clothes, and other sports gear

  • Rubbing of gear and clothing producing acne

  • In-person locker room contact spreading fungus infections like Athlete’s Foot

  • Skin abrasions or cuts due to harsh contact with turf, courts, and more

  • Overuse of equipment causing dry feet, jock itch, and irritated skin

Whatever the reason may be, not a lot of athletes have a clear or uneventful sports career without a fight with a skin condition. You want to work hard to get to the level you can be, and you want to get there from a pain-free and clean path. To achieve this goal, and to reduce the amount of money spent on medications and doctor’s visits that may not help, athletes all around have turned to Barrier Balm.

Why Athletes?

From volleyball players used to diving on the ground to cyclists who spend days in the sun and with skin-irritating spandex, long-distance runners numbed by the pain of blisters, basketball players who have battled Athlete’s Foot one too many times, and all those competitive champions in between, pain shouldn’t have to come with the love of the game.

No matter what sport you come from, Barrier Balm is not limited to that area of activity. Perfect for all-season athletes, or those who want to use the solution for other skin ailments during the year.

How often the product is used is up to the patient, but how your skin feels should not be. The solution is not available anywhere else, comes at an affordable price, and can be used at all times of the year. Rid yourselves from expensive and mediocre products and bring in clear, satisfying skin.

Dr. Boldt's Barrier Balm: The Perfect House Balm for Nursing & Healthcare Facilities!

Skin conditions, skin disorders, skin abnormalities, or anything related to the skin that is not wanted can strike at any age and time of life. From an early age, we experience diaper rash, we then start growing and experiencing a wide range of sports conditions, and even as an adult, our skin tries to challenge our patience and self-image.

Our daily habits and trends can be a big indicator of what skin conditions we may develop. If you are happy with these habits, there shouldn’t be a reason to change, only a reason to treat. We can spend years wasting countless dollars down the drain to receive mediocre results. This is where Barrier Balm comes in.

Once created specifically to combat diaper rash, clients quickly realized that this cost-effective solution is great for other skin conditions as well. From infantry to the end of life, this cream can create a lasting effect that others spend years searching for. Trusted by nurses and doctors, this ground-breaking ointment is more than just a diaper rash solution. It is your next skincare routine and prevention plan.

"My 2 year old daughter had a wind blown rash or a chapped face from the cold weather. We use Barrier Balm (Previously Hiney Healer) for her diaper rash and we thought we would try the Barrier Balm on her face and it worked in one day!"

-Lori W. - Wellsburg, IA 

Any Nurse will tell you, there is very little more valuable than a dependable house barrier. Soothing relief that provides fast results is priceless. Fortunately for you, Barrier Balm is the most valuable inexpensive solution on the market!

(Image: Dr. Donald Boldt, creator of Hiney Healer (Now Barrier Balm) with his infant nephew, circa December 1958. Image provided by Richard Wiederkehr)

Barrier Balm is the best of the best. We challenge you to put us to the test!

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