Hiking, Backpacking, and Butt Chafing

Posted on July 14, 2021 at 12:00 AM by Tom Swegle

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Butt Chafing… Not a Hot Topic

You’ve probably found yourself here reading this blog post because an internet search for “butt chafing” or “monkey butt” is a lot less embarrassing than calling up a buddy to ask for help. Which is fair, the last time we checked, talking about the problems you’re having with your derrière and thigh chafing is not exactly a hot topic of discussion. It’s not really something you nonchalantly bring up around the watercooler.

But rest assured, when it comes to our specialized cream by Dr. Boldt developed by MedCara, LLC, we know a thing or two about chafing. We have heard and seen it all! So without further ado, let’s talk about the reason you’ve landed on this page.

Preventing Butt Chafing on Backpacking Trips

Image of a baboon, literal monkey butt, in an article about heat rash, often called "monkey butt"

There are so many absolutely stunning places to go for a backpacking trip. Talk to any hiker or avid backpacker, and they’ll easily list a few of their favorite hiking trails. They can also probably easily list a few times they have experienced chafing between their thighs or butt cheeks thanks to humidity or overactive sweat glands.

In the world of hiking, this agonizing pain point is sometimes referred to as “baboon butt” and happens when sweaty clothing or skin rubs in areas prone to chafing. We have compiled a simple list of trail-tested ways to prevent this problem and how to cure it quickly if you’re dealing with it.

Choose the Right Underwear

The first and most important thing to address is underwear. If you’re looking to bypass any issues with chafing in unfortunate places, you need to think about the material you’re wearing down there. More specifically, avoid wearing cotton. Cotton will absorb the sweat when you hike, sticking to your skin and clothing. The next thing you know, the seams of the cotton underwear will scrunch up between your thighs and rub the skin raw. This is any hiker’s nightmare!

Instead, wear synthetic materials to help prevent rubbing and chafing. Your underwear, compression shorts, or lined running shorts should be moisture-wicking, helping to absorb sweat and aiming to stay dry down below. Additionally, avoid bikini underwear or thongs when you’re out hiking! Ill-fitting underwear is a definite no for backpacking, especially if you have sensitive skin.

Our recommendation is that hiking underwear protects the top of your thighs too, reducing friction, so they should have at least a 6” long leg. Consider something like the Ex Officio Give-N-Go Boxers, which are available for men and women. 

Soothe and Protect

As you can probably guess, we've seen and heard it all. We know the pain chafing can cause, whether we are talking about a newborn baby or a seasoned backpacker. That’s why we strongly believe in our anti-chafing product and the effective results that it delivers. Our specialized cream is safe for all ages, and our new formula is better optimized for expanded protection. 

Putting it on at bedtime will be very effective in curing your monkey butt after a long day of hiking - just be sure to wear clean underwear to keep your sleeping bag from getting dirty. Dr. Bolt’s Barriar Balm immediately soothes and also protects all those raw areas. A little bit of tenderly applied cream is all you need to start feeling better fast!

Don’t Tuck That Shirt In

You may be tempted to tuck in your shirt on a hike (looking at you, Dad’s!). But on a hike, letting the shirt hang loose is what you want. Otherwise, sweat is likely to drip down your back and soak your waistline and underwear if your shirt is tucked in. Remember, keeping everything as dry as possible is the goal.

Ventilated Backpacks

There are so many cool varieties of backpacks on the market. Some of them boast of extra space, drinking mechanisms, and more. When considering the right pack for a hiking trip, look for one with a suspended mesh back. The ventilation this style provides won’t eliminate sweat, but it will help. Check out the Top 10 Ventilated Backpacks for some ideas about good ultralight and lightweight backpacks with mesh backs.

Keep Yourself Clean

It sounds easy, but frankly, if the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that we aren’t as hygienic as we thought. If washing hands for 20 seconds is hard for a lot of us to do, then keeping a bum hole carefully and completely cleaned may not be a priority for most... yuck!

So, while on a backpacking trip, remember the following:

  • When using the restroom, wipe until totally dry and clean!
  • You’re sweaty, so be sure to rinse the salt off your skin at night
  • Before going to sleep, put on a clean pair of clothes, top to bottom
  • Rinse your clothes daily, another reason to go with synthetics, as it will dry quickly

Bye Bye Monkey Butt

Backpacking is an incredible hobby to pick up and a fun way to stay active. There is nothing like experiencing the world on top of a mountain peak or exploring a state park! 

Do yourself and your rear a real favor before hitting the trails. Take a few preventative measures, invest in quality underwear, shorts, and backpack, and stock up on Dr. Boldt’s Barrier Balm. These few simple things will force the monkey butt to remain at bay.

And whether or not you’re hiking, keep clean and dry and protect your skin!