5 Winter Skincare Tips Should Know

Posted on January 3, 2022 at 12:00 AM by Tom Swegle

Image of a man in a winter coat holding his hands up near his face to keep warm.

Colder Temperatures Don’t Have to Hurt

As the sun begins to dip below the horizon earlier in the day and temperatures begin to drop to an uncomfortable degree, it can only mean one thing - summer is gone and the winter is here. Making sure warm coats, fashionable winter hats, and cozy mittens are ready to go tends to be first priority when it comes to winter preparations. But what about your skin??

Despite all of the magic and sparkle that wintertime brings, the drop in humidity, prolonged exposure to indoor heat, and cold temperatures all combine to make the winter season hardest on our skin. Ultimately, these things lead to a weakening of the protective top layer of skin, which is what causes dryness, cracking, and sometimes even bleeding. 

Barrier Balm will undoubtedly provide soothing comforts to dry skin caused by the cold, but let’s talk about prevention and other various winter skincare tips that will keep skin soothed and comfortable throughout the frosty season.

Winter Skincare Tips

1. Keep Your Home Warm…But Not Too Warm

Cozy, warm, and welcoming, are the three descriptors to aim for when thinking of home in winter. Unfortunately, it is possible to make the temperature in your home too warm. How so? Well, not only does winter cause a drop in humidity outside (or the loss of moisture that’s in the air), but heating also removes moisture indoors. This loss of moisture in the air makes it easier for the skin to lose hydration, which is what skin needs to protect itself and function properly. So the next thing you know, the warm temperature settings inside have actually forced your skin to become drier and crack, causing pain and itching. The point is - keep the temperature inside your home comfortable, but not too hot for too long. You can also use a humidifier to replace lost indoor moisture!

2. Draw a Warm Bath…But Add Some Oil

Making your way home through snow-covered streets to a hot, warm bath may sound like a taste of perfection. Unfortunately, hot water is a drying agent which can cause damage to your skin in the form of dryness and cracking of the skin.  Now, if you’re absolutely craving a long soak in the tub, just be sure to add some hydration! All it takes is adding a few drops of nursing oils like almond, coconut, or avocado to the water to combat dryness. And when it comes to washing your face in the winter, aim for using lukewarm to cold water - this keeps dryness, redness, and irritation away.

3. Sunscreen is for Summertime…But Don’t Forget It In Winter

As gorgeous as a winter wonderland may be, it doesn’t take too many cold days to start dreaming about summer. The warm sun in all its glory is an obvious time to wear sunscreen. But sunscreen can protect your skin year-round!

It may not seem obvious, but during the winter the sun reflects off of snow, intensifying ultraviolet light. That means it’s actually possible to get a sunburn even during the height of freezing temps! So the next skiing, snowboarding, or winter hiking trip you take, make sure to pack that sunscreen.

4. Moisturize…But More Than You'd Think

By now you probably realize that during winter your skin is going to lose moisture at a much faster rate, losing some protective abilities. That’s why dryness and cracking happen so frequently. So you have to moisturize to maintain healthy, comfortable skin. Consider carrying body lotion in your bag, or keep one in your car, or at your desk at work. You’ll definitely want to apply lotion after a shower and before heading to bed. Using lotion regularly helps to replenish lost moisture, preventing dryness and cracking from even happening.

Although every area of your skin deserves to stay comfortable, pay real attention to your hands. The skin on the hands is thinner than anywhere else, and hands are almost always more exposed than any other part of the body. So not only is it important to wear dry, warm gloves outside but frequently apply lotion throughout the day to bring comfort, especially after you wash your hands!

5. Lastly, don’t forget about your lips.

Similar to your hands, lips are always exposed and can easily become dehydrated in the winter. Keep them moisturized with a lip balm.  Keeping dry, cracked skin is easy to do with a little effort and maybe a few tweaks to your skincare plan. Throughout cold weather, months add some extra moisture to your routine and remember if things get too bad, use Barrier Balm to find the comfort you need!

The advice in this article does not constitute medical advice, it is solely available for information purposes.

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