The Athletic Gear You May Be Missing

Posted on March 1, 2022 at 2:30 PM by Tom Swegle

Image of woman running - Barrier Balm

With spring just around the corner, warm weather has us all eager to get outside. This is especially true for athletes! Athletes of all ages are ready to hike, run, bike, and enjoy all the fun of spring sports. Getting outside and getting some exercise is always a good thing, but it also comes with its own set of risks. When preparing to get out and get active this spring, you’ve probably packed your sunscreen and water bottle, but have you packed your Barrier Balm? If not, you’re missing an absolutely essential item!

Common Conditions for Athletes

Whether you enjoy participating in a sport competitively or just love to hit the trails on your bike, there are a variety of concerns you’ve likely run into. Many athletes, no matter their sport, experience: 

  • Athlete’s foot
  • Chafing
  • Wind rash
  • Blisters
  • Dry skin
  • Common sports injuries
  • And so much more

If you’ve experienced this, you’ve likely run to the grocery store or pharmacy for some sort of rash treatment, athlete’s foot treatment, or other over-the-counter remedies. But did you know there’s an all-in-one treatment for these skin irritations?

The Ultimate Skin Solution for Athletes 

Barrier Balm isn’t just great for diaper rash, it’s also a proven adult rash cream and all-around skincare solution! It’s safe and gentle for anyone to use while still being extremely effective. From young athletes to active adults to professional athletes, Barrier Balm has you covered! Our balm is unique because it’s doctor-formulated to be used for both treatment and prevention. From inner thigh chafing to fungal infections and almost everything in between, Dr. Boldt’s Barrier Balm can both treat and prevent!

Skin Condition Treatment 

If you’re suffering from dry skin, Barrier Balm rehydrates the skin and provides long-lasting relief. If you’re suffering from chafing or wind rash, BB provides fast-acting rash relief. It’s also great for helping treat common skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis that can be exacerbated by exercise. 

Skin Condition Prevention

Barrier Balm treats the skin irritations athletes face just as well as it prevents them! Applying BB before you hit the trails, field, or track can prevent skin conditions from ever occurring. Barrier Balm provides a tough and lasting protective barrier on your skin. This barrier prevents blisters, chaffing, rashes, and more. It is especially helpful in protecting from the bacteria that is ever-present in locker rooms, sports equipment, athletic gear, and more. 

As an athlete, you’re likely to get a few cuts and scrapes every once in a while. Barrier Balm can keep out germs and bacteria, preventing any infections or further irritations. Many athletes, from high school athletes to professional athletes, often experience acne due to sweaty gear rubbing on their skin. With a protective barrier in place preventing this, there’s no need for acne treatment as you’re skin will always stay protected! 

Why Choose Barrier Balm Over Other Skin Solutions?

One of the biggest reasons athletes choose Barrier Balm to treat their skin conditions is the power it packs in treating such a wide range of common skin issues. Athletes can use Barrier Balm to treat and prevent blisters, stop chafing, moisturize their skin, and so much more! Barrier Balm is one of the most versatile creams on the market. Not only can it be used to treat such a wide array of skin concerns but it can be used on the whole family. Barrier Balm is safe and effective for young kids just starting out in athletics all the way to professional athletes and even active seniors! 

And the benefits don’t stop there! Barrier Balm is proven to be:

  • Long-lasting, even through sweating and rubbing 
  • Fast-acting in providing relief from skin irritations
  • Gentler than many other skin treatments
  • More affordable than many other barrier creams and skin treatments 
    • Especially when you consider only needing to buy one jar to meet all of your needs instead of an assortment of creams and medicines!

Get Ready to Get Active!

Don’t let skin irritations slow you down this spring. Add Barrier Balm to your athletic bag and keep your skin protected so you never have to slow down. Bonus: our Barrier Bundle comes with both a jar for home and a travel tube to clip on your bag for on-the-go use!