5 Dangerous Diaper Rash Cream Ingredients to Avoid

Posted on April 19, 2022 at 1:30 PM by Tom Swegle

image showing barrier balm and bumco bum brush diaper rash cream kit

When your baby has a nasty diaper rash, you want the best diaper rash cream on the market. But, you also want safe baby products that won’t make your child sick or irritate their skin. With so many diaper rash creams out there, it can be hard to know what rash relief cream is both safe and effective. These five ingredients commonly found in diaper rash creams can actually do more harm than good.


Though the thought of smelling flowers or vanilla instead of dirty diapers is certainly appealing, it’s not practical. The FDA does not require manufacturers to disclose the ingredients (including chemicals!) in fragrances. This means that the lovely rose smell in your skin treatment could contain any number of chemicals from aldehydes to toluene. These chemicals can cause allergic reactions, skin irritations, and even impact a baby's growth! Completely fragrance-free diaper rash creams are always the best way to go for your child.


We’ve all heard the term parabens, but what are they? Parabens are preservatives often found in skin creams and other skin care solutions to prevent any mold or bacteria growth. In theory, this may be nice, but in reality, parabens can have serious health consequences for babies. Not only can they irritate the skin, but they also impair hormone function. This could lead to a child's endocrine system not forming properly. Common parabens include isobutylparaben, isopropylparaben, butylparaben, and benzylparaben (among many, many others). Paraben-free rash relief cream is best for both you and your baby!


Many diaper rash creams include essential oils or mineral oils. Essential oils contain many possible allergens that can be especially damaging to sensitive areas, such as the diaper area. Mineral oils may seem like a good idea to help heal a baby’s dry skin, but this is not the case. Mineral oils are highly processed and can cause a variety of issues ranging from clogged skin to yeast infections. Both mineral oils and essential oils contain fragrances, the number one ingredient to avoid.


Talcum powder is often used to help absorb moisture and reduce the friction that can lead to chafing and other skin irritations. However, in recent decades talc has been linked to a number of cancers and respiratory diseases such as asthma, lung cancer, and ovarian cancer. Naturally, any baby powder or diaper rash cream containing this ingredient should be avoided entirely. 


Butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA) is another preservative commonly found in diaper creams. Similar to parabens and talc, this ingredient has also been labeled as a carcinogen and can harm hormonal function. 

The Bottom Line: Keep it Simple

Rash relief doesn't come from pretty colors, delicious smells, or extensive ingredient lists. Safe, effective rash treatment comes from only the necessary amount of ingredients. Barrier Balm contains two simple and safe ingredients; zinc oxide and lanolin. It not only treats diaper rash but prevents diaper rash by forming a protective barrier that keeps out moisture and irritations. 

Skin Cream for Mom and Baby

Bonus! Not only is Barrier Balm an affordable diaper rash cream, but it works for adults too! Barrier Balm helps treat chronic skin conditions, dry skin, chaffing, and so much more. Save time and money with this safe and effective cream that’s perfect for the whole family.

barrier balm jar and bumco baby bum brush                                                     barrier balm travel tube and jar

The Ultimate Family Skincare 

Treat your baby’s diaper rash from the first application while resting easily knowing your baby’s skin is safe. Try our new Barrier Bundle with a jar for home and a travel tube for on the go! Avoid any mess with our Barrier Balm Home Kit complete with Bumco Baby Bum Brush. This unique diaper rash brush will help you gently apply diaper rash cream to your baby’s bottom. The cream will go on smoother, thicker, and faster when you utilize the genius design of this applicator. The brush is made from soft, smooth silicone that is BPA-free and toxin-free for your little one’s safety.