A New Way to Protect Your Kids’ Skin This Summer

Posted on May 11, 2022 at 10:00 AM by Tom Swegle

image of kids playing outside

With the nice sunny weather and kids out of school for summer, your children are bound to spend plenty of time playing outside. Summer safety tips run through the back of your mind. You make sure that your kids are drinking enough water and wearing sunscreen, but there’s something else you might be missing! As your kids begin to spend more time outdoors, keep their skin protected from rashes, chaffing, dry skin, and more! 

Skin irritation for children is common in the summer from all sorts of outdoor activities. Skin bumps on kids from allergies or coming into contact with skin irritants are common. Irritated, chaffed skin from riding bikes, rollerblading, and running around is unavoidable. The hot sun and not enough water often causes dry skin, especially chapped lips! Treat and prevent common skin conditions for children with Barrier Balm

A Strong, Safe Skin Barrier 

A protective barrier on children’s skin can help lockout a variety of skin irritants that children are bound to come into contact with. Instead of dealing with a rash after your kid rolls around in the grass, prevent the rash in the first place! Sports equipment, biking, and running frequently cause skin irritation for children, especially in the summer. Stop blisters, rubbing, and chaffing when your child plays with a durable skin barrier balm!

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Prevent Infection

During summer fun, kids get plenty of cuts and scrapes. A bandage is always a good step toward keeping an injury from getting infected. However, with all the swimming, sweating, and running around kids do, a bandage isn't likely to stay on for very long. Barrier Balm is a water-resistant balm that is made to last, keeping out dirt and germs while your child plays. Applying Barrier Balm under a bandage and in the later stages of the healing process helps prevent infection and aid in healing. 

An Effective Skin Treatment for Kids

If your child already has blisters, chafing, or dry and irritated skin, don’t fret! Barrier Balm works for both prevention and treatment. Barrier Balm can soothe irritated skin, moisturize dry skin, and provide rash relief. Bonus: As it treats, it also prevents skin conditions from recurring during and after treatment!

The Ultimate Kids' Summer Skincare

Barrier Balm is effective and safe for kids of all ages! It’s a great diaper rash treatment for babies and a versatile skin protectant for kids. One jar of Barrier Balm can help keep the whole family’s skin protected and healthy. Even better, our Barrier Bundle comes with a jar for home and a travel tube for on the go! 

Barrier Balm skincare bundle

Our travel tube is specially formulated to withstand the heat and comes with a convenient clip for backpacks, bikes, purses, and more!

Protect Your Family's Skin This Summer

Make skin health a priority for your family this summer by adding Barrier Balm to your shopping list!