The Skincare Essential Everyone Should Own

Posted on June 21, 2022 at 12:00 PM by Tom Swegle

essential skincare products

Your skincare routine likely includes essentials such as skin moisturizer and skin cleanser, but does it include Barrier Balm? Barrier Balm is the ultimate multi-purpose skincare solution for the whole family! 

Skincare For Kids

For babies, diaper rash is a common and persistent concern. Barrier Balm not only treats diaper rash but prevents diaper rash by forming a protective barrier that keeps out moisture and irritations. Bonus: bundle Barrier Balm with a Bumco Baby Bum Brush for less mess and easier application! 

barrier balm and bumco bum brush bundle

For older kids, common skin concerns include skin irritation, allergies, dry skin, chafing, and blisters. Barrier Balm forms a protective barrier on children’s skin that helps lockout a variety of skin irritants while soothing dry or irritated skin. Learn more about protecting your kids' skin with Barrier Balm! 

Adult Skincare

Barrier Balm is not only great for little ones, but it’s also a proven skincare product that can help give you healthier skin. Common uses for Barrier Balm for adults include:

  • Skin Conditions: Common skin conditions, such as Rosacea and Eczema, often cause itchy, irritated skin patches. Barrier Balm can help offer relief from these conditions as well as stop them from getting worse. Barrier Balm is free of irritating fragrances and gentle enough for daily use. 

  • Protect Skin: Barrier Balm helps protect against the drying effects of wind, cold weather, and other skin irritants. 

  • Lock in Moisture: From dry lips all the way down to dry feet, Barrier Balm provides lasting relief. It not only moisturizes dry skin but locks in that moisture to keep your skin soft and smooth. 

Skincare For Athletes

Whether you enjoy participating in a sport competitively or just like to get some exercise, there are a variety of concerns you’ve likely run into. Many athletes, no matter their sport, experience blisters, chafing, athlete's foot, and more. 

Instead of buying rash treatment cream, athlete’s foot treatment, or other over-the-counter remedies, get an all-in-one skin treatment! Athletes can use Barrier Balm for rash relief, to treat and prevent blisters, prevent chafing, and so much more. For on-the-go skincare, try the Barrier Balm travel tube! With its compact size and on-the-go clip, it's perfect for clipping onto your athletic bag. 

barrier balm travel tube - athlete cream

One Jar, Endless Uses 

One jar of Barrier Balm can provide relief and protect skin for the entire family. Barrier Balm is long-lasting and gentle enough for everyday use for all ages. Instead of stocking up on diaper rash cream, lotion, and anti-chaffing products, get one product that does it all! With our variety of bundles, you can get the skincare kit that best matches your specific skincare needs.

Start Saving Money on Skincare Products

From newborns to grandparents, athletes to skincare aficionados, skin treatments to skin protectants, Barrier Balm has you covered. Add Barrier Balm to your skincare routine today, and you’ll wonder why you didn't start sooner!