The Stuff is Legend!

Hi! I just wanted to share a story. So I’m one of the good ol’ AG Raiders. (I was in Randy’s class). Anyway, I am in Omaha and I work in Labor and Delivery. One of my patients was readmitted several days post-partum. She of course had the baby with her. During my assessment we were talking and she told me how the baby had developed terrible diaper rash. They had tried everything, even the products the NICU uses. So after I left the room I was mulling it over, and the lightbulb went off. Doc Boldt’s diaper rash ointment!! But was that still a thing? I remember calling for a script to the Ackley Pharmacy for it. I would beg my Mom to send it to me when I had my own little babies. So a quick internet search brought me to Barrier Balm. Anyway, I gave them the info, and regaled them with the history (and a few good Ackley tales). I hope they get some. But I just wanted to let you know the stuff is legend.

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