6 Tips About Your Lips (Number 5 is Hot!)

Posted on August 11, 2021 at 12:00 AM by Tom Swegle

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Don’t Let Dry Lips Get You Down

It's always the season for love! Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, birthdays, there is always a reason to celebrate with the ones you love! It seems like most people will celebrate with jewelry, a night out, flowers, or candy. It’s ironic, though, Valentine’s Day and all the other expressions of love… because you know what could use a little love? Your lips!

Here’s a not-so-fun fact: unlike any other part of your body, your lips lack sweat or oil glands. That means they’re not able to produce their own natural layer of oils and moisture to keep them protected from the elements.

Fun Fact: Most of your body has an extra layer of protection. The areas that don’t are your lips, your palms, and the soles of your feet (#mindblown #yourwelcome #themoreyouknow)!

Most people associate dry, cracked lips with the wintertime. But the truth is, you can suffer from chapped lips any time of the year. Outside of cold temperatures, other common causes for dry lips include the following.

1. Dry Air

When humidity levels drop (or the amount of moisture in the airdrops), it makes it much easier for both your lips and skin to lose hydration. This can happen with air in your home or outside, during any season of the year. Hydration is important when it comes to fighting chapped lips as hydration is what acts as the protector! So if you’re not careful, too much dry air will lead to dry, cracking, and sometimes even bleeding lips.

2. Sun Exposure

Obviously, spending a day at the beach means you’ll be applying sunscreen and lip balm with SPF (or at least you should be!). But did you know that the sun in all its glory can damage lips even in the wintertime? When the sun reflects off of beautiful white snow, it intensifies ultraviolet light. So that means sunburnt lips are possible even when the temperatures are below freezing!

3. Licking Your Lips

Have you experienced chapped lips before, and it takes everything in you to keep from licking them, just to provide some relief from the sense of dryness? We’ve all been there! Unfortunately, as you also probably know, licking already dried lips makes the situation even worse. Once the saliva dries, all the moisture goes with it, making your lips even drier.

And there it is. Some of the three most common causes for dried, cracked lips: dry air, sun exposure, and licking your lips. But what about tips and tricks to fending off chapped lips?

These simple remedies will make sure to keep those lips in the softest, most kissable shape possible!

4. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!

Did your mother ever tell you to drink more water? You should always listen to your mother. Drinking enough water every day is important for a variety of reasons. Not only does water improve sleep quality, cognition, and mood, but staying hydrated also helps to regulate your body temperature, prevent infections, deliver important nutrients to cells, and...even help add moisture back into your lips!

5. The Flavor of the Day

Is today a spicy kind of day? Maybe it’s more on the sweet side. If you have chapped lips, then you certainly want to be aware of what flavors you’re enjoying! Did you know what you choose to eat can potentially make things worse?? Specifically, flavors like cinnamon, mint, peppermint, and citrus can irritate your lips even further. So if you’re trying to avoid chapped lips, enjoy those particular flavors in moderation or totally stay away from them until your lips are soft and luscious again.

6. Protect Your Lips!

Like we said before, your lips are one of three places on your body that can’t protect themselves. So when something so tender lacks protection, what should you do? Protect them!  Barrier Balm is an excellent solution (barrier is in the name of the product, so you know it protects!) to help keep lips defended, nourished, and soothed. Barrier Balm is also long-lasting, keeping you from having to constantly reapply. 


Lips are meant to be soft and kissable, especially throughout the seasons of love. Take a few, easy precautions to keep your lips from even becoming chapped! But if it’s too late to save them, and you’re suffering from cracking and drying, get them the care they deserve.

Plus, if you can’t give kisses away, there’s always chocolate… or Dr. Boldt’s Barrier Balm!

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