New Ways to Use Barrier Balm this Winter

Posted on February 1, 2022 at 1:30 PM by Tom Swegle

Image showing woman applying skincare products in the winter

The Ultimate Multi-Use Winter Skin Care Treatment!

Winter can take a real toll on our skin. Dry skin, wind rashes, irritated skin, chaffing, and more can all be common skin conditions in the winter. Barrier Balm is the ultimate year-round skincare solution that can help soothe your skin and protect it from damage. Check out our list of ways to use Barrier Balm this winter that you may not have thought of! 

Winter Sports 

Whether you’re taking part in hockey, skiing, or just sledding and playing in the snow, your skin can take on some damage. Friction and moisture can cause some serious skin irritation that can lead to dry, itchy skin and even rashes. The active ingredients in Barrier Balm help form a protective barrier on your skin, blocking out moisture and reducing friction. Apply Barrier Balm before you put on your skates or boots to keep your skin safe! 

Under Your Face Mask

Mask rash is all too common and can lead to a seriously annoying skin rash on your face. Apply some Barrier Balm before wearing your mask! The Zinc Oxide in BB forms a barrier between your skin and any external irritants, preventing a rash before it even happens! Our balm is gentle enough for daily use, so whether you’re wearing a mask to go to work or to keep you warm outside, you’re skin is protected!

Winter Skin Rashes 

Dry skin in the winter is all too common. The cold temperatures and wind can cause skin rashes and irritations to both sensitive and regular skin. This weather can strip the natural oils in your skin, causing skin damage. Barrier Balm forms a protective skin barrier to prevent this from happening. If you are already suffering from a winter skin rash and windburn, don’t fret! BB also works as a fast-acting rash relief cream that starts working from the first use. It soothes the irritated skin and allows it to heal itself naturally so you can get back to your usual fully moisturized, soft skin! 

Cold Weather Barrier 

Dry skin patches occur all over your body, with many people suffering from chapped lips, dry knuckles, and even dry, peeling skin around their noses. Many people use Barrier Balm to treat existing skin conditions or as a rash relief treatment, but not everyone includes it in their daily skincare routine. Apply Barrier Balm at the beginning of the day, before you put on any makeup or sunscreen (which is still important to wear in the winter!). This will prevent any skin concerns from arising in the first place! Tip: our Barrier Balm Travel Tube is perfect for any on-the-go reapplying throughout the day!

Common Skin Condition Flare-Ups

Common skin conditions, such as Rosacea and Eczema, often get worse during the winter months. Cold air, wind, and less humidity dry out skin and cause or worsen itchy, irritated skin patches. Barrier Balm can help offer relief from these conditions as well as stop them from getting worse throughout the winter. Barrier Balm is free of irritating fragrances and gentle enough for daily use! 

Take Care of Your Skin this Winter!

Barrier Balm works as both a skin treatment and protectant! Use it to get rid of dry skin, relieve rashes and windburn, or prevent skin issues on healthy skin. Do your skin a favor and get yourself some Barrier Balm today!